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Sea level rise in St John & “artivism”

Sean Yoro - Sea Level Rise | Drawing United
Sean Yoro - Sea Level Rise | Drawing United
Sean Yoro - Sea Level Rise | Drawing United

Many areas, according to projections, would be affected by the end of this century – The Netherlands for example could sink in its majority by 2100 .

Another place very concerned about the sea level rise is St John, New Brunswick, Canada.

To get a full report about the situation in St John, please head to Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP).

In the meantime, we will focus on this artistic initiative in the area of St john which aims at raising awareness about the issue of sea level rise in the port.

Meet surfer and artist Sean Yoro who has created a mural in a spot — Canada’s Bay of Fundy — where the tides submerge the work in less than 6 hours every day.

Worth noting that Sean Yoro always using eco-friendly paints. What that means is that, this piece is bound to disappear over time so if you are in the area, hurry up and go see it.

We have included a video below where you can how clever the artist is playing with the tide to illustrate what sea level rise would mean for the locals.

Let us know what you think, in our comments section below, about the artist’s initiative or share your concerns about sea level rise in St john or around the world.

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