My name is Pierrick Senelaer and like many of us by now, am aware of the state of our planet we live in and feel the urge to save it.

I cannot save the world but I can code websites and have been painting for a while – Drawing United was born.

Raising awareness about environmental issues, using creative output from artists, is what I’ve come up with.

Join me today and maybe we will save the world.

Submit your art today and be included in post-campaign art shows across London.

Not an artist? You can still get involved. Find how?

What is Drawing United?

Drawing United is a collective of artists, started off by Pierrick Senelaer, who cares for our environment and planet and who want to use their art and creativity to raise awareness and/or support a good cause.

You can be part of online campaigns and efforts by submitting a drawing, painting, or illustration towards a cause close to your heart.

Add your voice and creative support to online campaigns endorsed by established and engaged artists, & take part in post-campaign art shows across London.

Part of the proceeds will go to named charities.

Sign up today to find out more and let’s care, draw, and support together.


As an artist, how can I get involved?

Call to artists | Drawing united

Add your art

_ support your fellow artists campaigns will offer a platform for artists and individuals to raise awareness and campaign about environmental issues they care about – from climate change, to the pollution of our cities, we look forward to hearing from you and cannot wait to collaborate.

We are looking for all walks of life artists to help us highlight these issues via the medium of their art.

Fill out the form today to find out more and we’ll be in touch soon!

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